A will is a legal document that explains what should be done with your assets following your death. To die intestate – or without a will – makes the distribution of your assets both time consuming and costly. With an up to date will in place, probate can take place more efficiently and with minimal legal expense.

As well as specifying who is to inherit what, a Will can also be used to specify other wishes, such as temporary and permanent legal guardians for your children. This can be especially important for expatriates working and living overseas with their young families.

Many people living in the UK mistakenly think that their spouse or partner will automatically inherit their assets where there is no will in place. However, apart from the first £250,000, this isn’t necessarily the case.

For people living in the GCC, the local courts will distribute your estate and appoint guardians according to Sharia law principles. This can often have some unexpected implications which may not be in line with your intentions.

Rather than leaving things for others to decide, we can help you to arrange your estate in accordance with your wishes and not someone else’s.

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