Financial Planning Testimonials

PWS Group is dedicated to providing a superior client experience and has established a reputation for integrity, commitment and innovation in financial advisory services.

The testimonials that follow are a selection of reviews provided by PWS Group clients regarding our advisers, solutions and organisation. If you have any further questions about our financial services and the financial advice that we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Senior Private Client Adviser William Churchill

“I have been contacted by many companies about pensions and QROPS. Many did not approach me in a way I felt comfortable with. It was a pleasure, therefore, to meet William who took the time to explain everything with the right level of detailed explanation and the patience to lead me through the processes and due diligence required. I recommend him to others looking for international pension advice and financial planning.”

Tony Gardiner ( Senior Private Client Adviser )
Paul Anderson

“Tony always finds options to improve performanceVs balanced view in your personal circumstances and flexibilities required. I have found Tony to be conscientious and prepared to work at solutions when challenged and he has a strong ethical approach to my portfolio and personal aspidrations and plans. Good to have him on board.”

Senior Private Client Adviser Tony Gardiner
Sarah Simoni

“Tony has restored my faith in the whole race of Financial Advisors. I dont’t have a vast amount of money for Tony to manage, but his customer service is faultless and the time he takes to visit me and to explain every aspect of the work he is doing for me is extremely reassuring. And most importantly, he gets great results. I recommend Tony to anyone looking for an excellent, straight talking Financial Adviser.”

Senior Private Client Adviser David Core
Capt. Geoffrey Sizer – G.M. Marine Operations, Dubai, UAE

“I initially approached by David of PWS following my untimely redundancy which brought home to me the importance of preparing for my retirement.
We had been friends when David worked in Dubai and he had  transferred to head up the South African section of PWS.
Within a few weeks David had everything on track and with his expertise on pension planning he was able to guide me expertly and confidently through the process of getting my UK work pension transfer value moved into a QROPS.
It was a timely move, as shortly after I became redundant and the move into QROPS enabled me to draw down on my fund so that I had a sufficient amount of money available to return to the UK and settle into a new home.
Although still a few years away from retirement I now feel very comfortable that my pension should put me in a strong financial position when retirement finally comes.
Throughout the entire process David has kept in close contact with me on any updates to any of my pension QROPS scheme which has proven very beneficial. David has been available anytime via Skype and email and with our bi annual personal meetings to ensure all is going well I am more than happy with how things are going.
I also have clear visibility on the management of my new pension portfolio with online access so I can monitor its performance, together with quarterly advised updates from the schemes administrators on how things are going.
David is very contactable, he speaks a normal guys language on the pension rules and processes and he has guided me effortlessly through a lot of pension jargon which can often make pension planning confusing.
I simply do not hesitate, one iota, in recommending David as he is extremely professional in what he does and how he deals with you as a person makes all the difference.”

David Core Senior Private Client Adviser
Chris Hannan

“David has provided me and my wife with advice and guidance on a number of different financial products over the last couple of years.  David has always taken the time to understand our specific needs and concerns as expatriates and has always provided clear advice, guidance and options.  David explains products and options and helps us to navigate the extensive application requirements.  David is always very responsive to our queries and makes time to speak even with the difficulties of time and working week differences.  I highly recommend David to anyone seeking a financial adviser, in particular expatriates who have to deal with such matters remotely.”

David Core, Senior Private Client Adviser
Alec Gordon

“At the beginning of 2015 I decided that it was time for me to decide what to do with a number of frozen pensions that I had in the UK. I was nearing retirement age and had already been living outside the UK for several years.
I contacted several companies who specialised in financial advice to advise me on my options regarding my frozen pensions.
I finally settled on a company called Prestige Wealth Solutions after an informative Skype call with their financial adviser David Core. I was impressed with David’s ability to explain the financial options available to me at a level that I was able to easily understand and his expertise in answering my questions.
On David’s advice I commenced transferring my UK pensions to the QROPS scheme. This is quite an involved process that David managed from start to finish, from contacting my UK pension companies for transfer values , all documentation dealing with the transfer to the QROPS Scheme and most important how best to invest the funds to give me the best pension option. During this process David kept me up to date with the progress at all times.
I am impressed with the relationship that I feel David has built between us and give me the confidence that he is acting on my best interests at all times. I appreciate the fact that he is always contactable, his timely email responses to any concerns that I may have and the continuous monitoring of my account ensuring its best performance options.”

Sam Rawlinson, Private Client Adviser
Ian Harding, Contracts Manager at ASGC

“Sam is one of the “good guys” – friendly, thorough, professional, knowledgeable and keen to discover what your life aims are in order to evaluate with you how best he can help you achieve your wealth goals, via the various forms of pensions and investment savings plans on offer. Sam is most definitely someone worthwhile in seeking out in order to help someone plan for their future.”

Sam Rawlinson, Private Client Adviser
Christopher Harris, Airside Operations Compliance Officer at Dubai Airports

“From my first meeting with Sam he demonstrated his knowledge and expertise, he has helped me to sort out my financial future which has taken a weight of worry off my shoulders. Sam explained everything in Lehman terms which was needed to fully understand and to feel comfortable with what the best plan going forward was. I’ve no doubt that the advice given by Sam was the best option for me and would highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for a consistent and measured financial plan.”

Sam Rawlinson, Private Client Adviser
Martin Vickers, Founder at MV Consulting

“I had been contacted by several organisations offering pension advice and financial planning, none of which I really felt comfortable with. From my first conversations with Sam I was at ease and felt confident he could deliver what I needed. He explained options that were appropriate to my needs in a clear and concise manner and provided sound and understandable advice with useful financial illustrations where necessary. Thankfully Sam was never “pushy” or over persistent unlike some advisers I have experienced. I will certainly ask for his advice on any future investments and would definitely recommend his services, I am sure you will not be disappointed.”

Jonathan Field, Senior Private Client Adviser
Stuart Greenwood, Parts Manager at M.S.& R.Y.Behbehani Kuwait

“I have known Jonathan for over eight months and have found him to be a breath of fresh air. He is extremely knowledgeable, listens and understands your requirements and offers really good, sound and accurate advice. He is honest and very approachable, a real pleasure to work with. For sure, he is not just another “Adviser.” He has delivered on all his promises which included finding an old pension of mine that three previous companies had failed to do. Highly recommended.”

Jonathan Field, Senior Private Client Adviser
Simon Baldwin, Consumer Director at Ooredoo Oman

“Jonathan has helped me consolidate my pensions over the past year into a single, manageable entity. He is a very knowledgeable advisor who is impartial but extremely diligent. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan to anyone looking for pensions and financial advice.”

Jonathan Field, Senior Private Client Adviser
Piers Constable, Head of the Americas (Structured Trade & Export Finance) at Deutsche Bank New York

“Jonathan was referred to me by a work colleague and I approached the relationship with low expectations given my previous experience with financial advisors. However, when he took the time to properly understand my financial situation and investment objectives, and tailor his approach accordingly, it was clear this relationship had the potential to be different.”

“Jonathan was patient yet persistent in developing a strategy with me, offered consistent advice, and always put my requirements before his own. He became a good friend throughout the couple of years we worked together in Dubai, and when I left the region he went out of his way to make the changes necessary to my investment policies, even though this was of long term detriment to his own business. I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan to others.”

Kamran Afzal, Private Client Adviser
Mohmud Mohamed, Cost Optimization Advisor

“Kamran has a great knowledge of the financial services industry, which he has used to assist me with my financial matters in a sincere and honest manner. I have full trust in his advice and would consider him as a friend.”

Kamran Afzal, Private Client Adviser
Robert Ocheng, Bsc (Hons) Manager – Contracts at DAMAC Properties Co LLC

“It’s very rare that you come across an honest and straight-up talking financial advisor whose priority is to serve a client’s interest and I have been privileged to have been thoroughly, truthfully and professionally advised by Mr. Kamran Afzal. I have found Mr Kamran Afzal to be of good character, integrity and whose independent advice I could rely on. It’s with no hesitation that I strongly recommend Mr. Kamran Afzal to anyone seeking independent financial advice in the GCC.”

Kamran Afzal, Private Client Adviser
Loui Al-Fakhri, Director, Guest Care and Staff Training & Development at Al-Ahli Hospital

“I have worked with Kamran on moving my final salary pension into a SIPP and found him to be great help in steering the process into a successful closure.”

Kamran Afzal, Private Client Adviser
Hussein Habib, Senior Resident Engineer

“I have found Mr Kamran Afzal honest and trustworthy. He knows what he is doing and I would always listen to his advice of what best for me.”

Kamran Afzal, Private Client Adviser
Adam Johnson, Teacher

“Kamran has been my financial advisor for two years now and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Kam was extremely helpful when setting up my initial investments, explaining the process and options in a clear and straight forward way. Kaman has continued to be a diligent professional and gone out of his way to ensure that our regular reviews keep me up-to-date with developments. Kaman is also very personable, making the effort to meet in person and/or Skype – whatever is most convenient for myself.”

“Thanks Kamran, you’re a star!”

Kamran Afzal, Private Client Adviser
Steven Scarlett, Safety Manager Hamad International Airport

“Kamran has been managing my pension and finances for over a year. In that time he has successfully invested my funds and is raising returns that will ultimately provide for my retirement. The financial market is a complex one and it gives me comfort that Kamran understands this and is on my side. Ever professional he works around my busy schedule and keeps me up to date on progress which he explains in simple language that I understand. I’ve had no problems with PWS and I am happy to recommend both them and Kamran.”

Anthony Anderton, Private Client Adviser
Davidson Knight, Information Management Specialist for IM&IT Function MSP at Bechtel Corporation at Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S)

“Antony has been extremely helpful to me in consolidating the many abandoned UK pension schemes and policies I had accumulated over the years and ultimately establishing my QROPS. He has been extremely professional and transparent in all of his communications, reports and recommendations and it has really been a pleasure working with him on my investment portfolio. Antony provides services via PWS in Dubai and his knowledge of the industry and understanding of the shifting tax landscape in the UK is a great asset for those of us that have worked away from the UK for long time.”

Anthony Anderton, Private Client Adviser
Mark Sanford, Otway Operations Manager at Origin Energy

“Antony led me through the trials of gathering my multiple overseas pensions and consolidating them. This complex process was stewarded through excellent communication, clear advice and guidance as well a patience in dealing with a non-finance literate individual – such as myself. This successful completion of this task has given me hope of reaching my retirement goals and opened my eyes to the value of getting good advice in this sometimes bewildering field. I shall be continuing to liaise with Antony in a trusting mutually beneficial manner.”

Dean Arden, Private Client Adviser
Tony Baron, Maintenance Management Professional

“Dean is a consummate professional in his field. His advice has always been clear and concise, he keeps you in the loop and is always available if required, even on weekends.
He develops a financial plan that matches your requirements and effectively implements them to ensure the best returns.”
“I would have no hesitation recommending Dean to friends and colleagues.”

Dean Arden, Private Client Adviser
Dave Fosberry, Freelance

“Dean has proven to be an excellent and very professional financial advisor. He has demonstrated very good knowledge of a range of investment funds, and always explains the structure, risks and returns of each. I am very happy with the advice that he has given me, and the investments that he has found for me. I can heartily recommend him to anyone thinking of relocating their pension fund, or of making a straightforward investment.”

Dean Arden, Private Client Adviser
David Faull, General Manager Centro Barsha by Rotana

“A friend of mine referred me to Dean as I had recently moved to UAE and needed/wanted to get advice on what was the best thing to do with my Pensions and what financial advantages there were to being an expat.
I have met Dean a few times now and spoken to him on many occasions. He has always been extremely professional and offers invaluable experience and evidence.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Dean and have already to several friends and even my wife and hope to have a long and very successful relationship with him for many years to come.”

Dean Arden, Private Client Adviser
Ray Wilson, South Island Construction Manager

“Dean advised me on a significant pension investment and all is looking well at present. His after sales contact and follow up is excellent and he regularly e mails, phones and arranges face to face meetings when my schedule allows.”

“If you want to invest, talk to Dean first.”

Dean Arden, Private Client Adviser
Phil Moss, Island Manager at AMEC Foster Wheeler

“Dean has been working with me for a couple of years, initially transferring my company pension then more recently advising on other investments. I have always found him professional in his dealings and approach. He takes time to explain the options and tailors his recommendations to my situation. He’s easily contactable and available and provides regular updates.”

Peter Michael Wells, Senior Private Client Adviser
Simon Elliott, Contracts Administration Manager at Al Rostamani Pegel

“Peter is positive but not pushy. He has provided me with good advice and investment opportunities tailored to my particular requirements in a non-pressured manner.”

Peter Michael Wells, Senior Private Client Adviser
Mick Allen, HSSE Advisor

“Peter is an exceptional person to deal with, he has kept me informed on any changes to the current financial plan put in place.
The plan he has me on is keeping well above market expectation and our initial focus of percentage required for me to retire early. Pete details the trends in the market place and the results have showed in my return this far.
I wish I had met Pete years ago to guide me on a good path to financial freedom.
I have no hesitation in introducing Peter to future clients because the results and personal friendship have been amazing.”

Peter Michael Wells, Senior Private Client Adviser
Chris Cooper, General Manager – Asia at Dover Fueling Solutions

“Prior to selecting Peter to be our source of financial advice and services, I met with numerous other potential providers. Peter stood out from the pack due to his integrity; he really seemed to have my best interests at heart.”

“After working with Peter for some time now, this key attribute stands out. I have also been particularly impressed with his up-to-date market knowledge and his flexibility in tailoring his plans to suit our requirements.”

“I would most certainly recommend Peter to others, and have done so numerous times already.”

Peter Michael Wells, Senior Private Client Adviser
Nathen Furlong, Owner, Desert Chill Ice Cream LLC

“After meeting with Peter just to discuss my options he highlighted the importance of saving for the future even though I was relatively young and not really thinking too much about it. Pete has a good way of explaining things and good knowledge of the market. We found the right plan for me and although the plan is in its infancy, the results yielded are right in line with his predictions.”

Peter Michael Wells, Senior Private Client Adviser
Jason Lorimer, Team Leader, Air Traffic Engineer at Serco

“I have known Peter for close to 2 years now and the service he has provided has been excellent, a very personable individual. His advice has set up a secure financial future for my family and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone requiring financial advice.”

Peter Michael Wells, Senior Private Client Adviser
Graeme Burrell, IBM Middle East

“I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Peter. I’d consider him a friend first and a trusted advisor second. Peter is an experienced, personable and knowledgeable expert, but most of all he says what he will do – and does it quickly, efficiently and with minimal fuss and bother to me.”

“I’d rate Peter outstanding as both a person and a professional.”

Peter Michael Wells, Senior Private Client Adviser
Hanko Van Giessen, Chief Architect at IBM

“I was introduced to Peter in April 2016 in his role of a Senior Private Client Financial and Wealth Adviser. Peter worked with me to define a long term personal wealth and investment plan. In that period, I have learned to know Peter as a very knowledgeable individual on finance and wealth management. He is able to analyze your personal finance and wealth situation accurately and propose tailored solutions for the short and longer term. Peter is very thorough in what he does and he always meet his commitments. He is punctual, trustworthy and very transparent which are important traits for a financial adviser. I highly recommend Peter to everyone who is in the need for a good and solid financial wealth adviser that you can trust.”

Zaheer Hussain, Senior Private Client Adviser
Jonathan Adams, Senior Training Assessor) for Sadara Chemical Company

“Having dealt with Zaheer over the last couple of years I have always found him to be reliable and more than willing to go out of his way to provide any information you require and also to answer or find the answers to any questions you may have.”
“I would not have a problem recommending him.”

Zaheer Hussain, Senior Private Client Adviser
Stuart Craig, GRAD IOSH QHSES/T Roving Manager/Specialist/Trainer land division at KCA Deutag

“I have known Zaheer for approximately 3 years, initially meeting for his company to assist with my ex-military pension.
Zaheer is warm and friendly but at the same time extremely knowledgeable and professional and over the years has won my trust by giving me honest feedback on my investments even when this did not necessarily benefit his own position. I am sure that since our initial meeting he has moved on to much bigger and more prosperous clients and organisations, however he still takes the time to touch base with me and ensure that I am 100% happy with his actions on my behalf. I would not hesitate to recommend Zaheer to anybody looking for honest investment advice and planning and pension optimisation.”

Zaheer Hussain, Senior Private Client Adviser
John Waterhouse, Dip. JOIFF Divisional Safety Advisor for Saudi Aramco

“My name is John Waterhouse and I have been a client of PWS – Prestige Wealth Solutions for the past three years. It was during this time I was fortunate enough for Zaheer to be appointed as my Client Adviser. Over this period myself and Zaheer have had many conversations, both on topics relating to work and also on personal issues. I have found Zaheer to conduct his work in a very professional manner, with a pleasant personality and array of knowledge regarding his occupation. Zaheer is a credit to his company and would be an asset to any organisation where the highest professional standards were required.”

Zaheer Hussain, Senior Private Client Adviser
Paul O’Brien, On Board Supervisor at Serco Middle East for Saudi Railway Company SAR

“Zaheer has been looking after my financial concerns from last summer. He always keeps me updated with any changes and recommends any reinvestment opportunities if they arise.
I am more than happy with Zaheer’s management contributions.”

Zaheer Hussain, Senior Private Client Adviser
William McDaid, Shift Operations Foreman at Sadara Chemical Company

“Zaheer has been very professional in managing my pension funds to get the best financial package which works for my situation. Zaheer operates with a very friendly nature and I would recommend him to anyone looking for financial advice with pensions.”

Stacey Arcus, Private Client Adviser
Stephen Stacey, Manager Cabin Crew Operations at Emirates

“Stacey has been extremely detailed in her work that she has carried out for me. Stacey ensured I had all information I needed to make an informed decision. If I have any question or queries, Stacey will go out of her way to find the answers, no matter how difficult they are to get. Stacey is extremely professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field. If you are looking for someone to help and advise you with your interest at heart, I highly recommend you contacting Stacey.”

Stacey Arcus, Private Client Adviser
Terry Dixon, Middle East Sales Manager at Investment Design and Distribution (IDAD Ltd)

“Having known Stacey for a number of years, I can, with confidence, say that there are very few Advisers like her. She consistently impresses me with her professionalism, knowledge, commitment, drive and strong moral compass.”

“As a specialist Wealth Manager with a focus on International Retirement Planning, her approach truly reflects the high standards that should be expected from someone in this profession. Her wealth of knowledge and experience allows her to provide first class advice to clients. I have and will continue to recommend Stacey to both individual and corporate clients as I know she will always do right by them.”

Stacey Arcus, Private Client Adviser
Ray Alderson, Logistics and Supply Chain Professional at Kellogg Brown and Root

“Stacey has recently taken over as my Relationship Manager and is a breath of fresh air to deal with. She is ethical and courteous and is very responsive to my queries or requests and provides data and information quickly without any need to follow up. She provides meticulous research and advice to suit my requirements, and I know that she puts my goals and needs above all else which has built a foundation of trust between us.”

Stacey Arcus, Private Client Adviser
Steven Tulleth, Field Logistics & Materials Superintendent at Tullow Oil

“Stacey provided a very professional and friendly approach regarding pension transfers. The guidance and information provided was very clear and any queries were explained quickly. Thanks for your guidance and knowledge during this process.”

Tony Gardiner, Private Client Adviser
Ron Seward, Education Management Professional

“Tony has been my financial adviser for well over a year. During that time he has tailored his services to my and my wife’s personal needs as we near the end of our working lives. He has given us sound advice on Inheritance Tax, this was unprompted and came as a result of his research into our financial resources.

When making additional investments, Tony always undertakes research and offers a selection of funds which can fulfil our current financial goals.

His manner is always courteous and respectful and he listens carefully as one outlines their financial objectives.


Ron Seward ”

Tony Gardiner, Private Client Adviser
Andy Ford, Operations Manager at GULF CONTRACTING COMPANY

“I have known Tony in the capacity of my personal financial advisor for the past one year.
Historically I have not had a great regard for FA’s as I have found them to adopt a very hard sale tactic and not deliver their promises.
In the time that I have had this business relationship with Tony I have found him to be quite the opposite.
The big difference for me is he LISTENS and then provides very clear, well explained, without the jargon, explanations to your questions.
This is hard for me to swallow but I honestly believe he has his Clients best interests at heart.
We have spent many hours during the past few months discussing my investment options. He go out of his way to be their when you need him, even to the extent of continuously advising me whilst he was on a family holiday. “Going the extra mile.” I consider we have done a lot of transactions in this time and he has always offered several options to me, explained them well and left me to make the final decision. Which I like.
He is always immaculately turned out and has a very pleasant aura about him.
These guys know your financial circumstances better than your wife and you have to trust them and I can honestly say with Tony, I do trust him.
A few of the shorter term investments have already matured and I can gratefully say, have given me good returns, which is always a positive sign.
I would not hesitate recommending Tony to anybody thinking of investments within Tony’s field.”

Tony Gardiner, Private Client Adviser
Lee Phillips, Financial Controller at FMC Technologies

“When it comes to Personal Pensions or any kind of financial advice there are loads of advisors and companies that talk a good game and probably know what they are doing, however when it comes down to it you have to establish one very important factor before you hand over your life savings, ‘TRUST’. I have met many advisors, who all sounded very competent and knowledgeable but they never gave me that warm feeling of complete trust. I am very guarded when it comes to handing my money over to somebody I don’t know and I deliberately take my time to ensure I get to know the person before I even understand product on offer. After meeting Tony for the first time I instantly felt a positive connection due to his honesty with the pro’s and cons of moving my Pension. I am happy to say that my pension transfer has concluded and I am very happy with the outcome. I would recommend others to put their faith in Tony, where trust is paramount above all else. I am more than happy to be contacted through LinkedIn.”

Aiaz Mohammed, Private Client Adviser
Lionel S, Dubai

“My wife and I had the pleasure of being introduced to Aiaz in early 2016, this was after a week of meeting another financial advisor from a competitor; so we had the benefit of direct comparison.

I am a financial services professional and have been formally exposed to wealth management, financial planning, retirement planning, life risk analysis and product sell strategy. In short, I was thoroughly impressed by Aiaz’s sound knowledge contextualized with his understanding of the Gulf regions’ peculiarities for expats, patient demeanor and attentive nature.

Our engagement with Aiaz was to have our general financial planning needs assessed with life risk, stage of life and retirement planning being the main focus areas. He takes keen interest in affording the client to fully express their financial situation, aspirations and world view in order to later digest and propose viable solutions which are sustainable in the long run.

Some financial advisors are fast talking, insincere and are only interested in a quick 45 minute skim through their questionnaire before running off to the next client. Later on they may provide a solution which may or may not be ideal for their clients. This was not the case with Aiaz and we especially appreciate that he provided us with a well thought out proposal in light of all our requirements and long-term goals.

On the down-side, our only regret was the fact that we had not met Aiaz on our first day in Dubai because we would have been much further into our financial plan by the time we met.

Set an appointment with Aiaz and you will definitely thank yourself for giving yourself time to have someone genuinely interested about what really matters to you.

Please note that this testimonial is unsolicited and is meant to share a good experience to others who may be in the fence about who to have on board in their financial journey.


Aiaz Mohammed, Private Client Adviser
Johan Pienaar, Director Air Traffic Control, Qatar

”Always punctual…friendly…good advice….excellent follow ups…keeps one up to speed.”

Aiaz Mohammed, Private Client Adviser
Sarah Owens, Qatar

“I always appreciate your clear and expert advice. Your patience in explaining everything and answering of questions makes for a very trustworthy advisor-client relationship. I would recommend Aiaz Mohammed within PWS.”

Aiaz Mohammed, Private Client Adviser
Nizar Kilani, Teacher, Dukhan International School, Qatar

“I have recently had to transfer my teacher pension for a better deal. From the outset of my first phone call, this team were on the job straight away. We only had 48 hours before a change in the law that would have made the transfer impossible, they managed it on time. Now my pension is growing at a better rate and I can retire at an earlier age. Meanwhile Aiaz regularly phones me and updates me about the market and how my pension is developing. He does not use technical jargon, he explains in plain English. Thank you”

Aiaz Mohammed, Private Client Adviser
John McTernan, HR Specialist, Chiyoda Almana Engineering LLC

“I consider myself extremely lucky that I was introduced by PWS to Mr. Aiaz Mohammed as my Financial Adviser/Consultant when I was looking to transfer my UK Pension Fund to an offshore environment.

After talking to a few advisers and companies prior to me meeting Aiaz, the task in front of me seemed arduous to say the least and way beyond my comprehension.

This non understanding on my part changed almost immediately due to his professionalism, understanding, efficiency and excellent knowledge of his subject. His manner and MO, unlike others, is not to lay it on you that he knows all and what he says has to go.

He gives excellent advice on subjects and builds your confidence by ensuring your understanding, in his more humble and non-patronizing style.  This obviously eases the decision making process as he furnishes you with all the necessary information to make a balanced decision. Giving you the feeling that you are part of the team of you and Aiaz. He is patient in ensuring one’s understanding and to say that I am a satisfied customer would be an understatement.”

Aiaz Mohammed, Private Client Adviser
Cees Uijlenhoed, Executive Director, FIRST Exploration and Petroleum Development Company Limited

“Aiaz manages my portfolio on a day-to-day basis and has proven to be extremely reliable, responsive and result oriented. Personal financial matters are always sensitive and often require immediate attention. Aiaz has a 100% track-record in this respect. I appreciate his capabilities and see a bright future for him in the financial sector.”