How to Record a WhatsApp Call
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How to Record a WhatsApp Call

Can we record a WhatsApp Call?

Many people ask can we record a WhatsApp call? The answer is YES! You can record a WhatsApp call. While the app offers numerous features, one capability that users often seek is the ability to record WhatsApp calls. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of recording a WhatsApp call, ensuring you can capture those important conversations effortlessly.

Understanding the Legalities

Before delving into the technical aspects, it’s crucial to understand the legalities surrounding call recording. Laws vary across jurisdictions, and it’s imperative to comply with the regulations in your region. Generally, it’s advised to inform all parties involved in the call that it’s being recorded. Failure to do so could lead to legal consequences.

Android Users: Using In-Built Features

For Android users, recording a WhatsApp call is made relatively simple through the built-in screen recording feature to record a WhatsApp call. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless recording:

  1. Enable Screen Recording: Access your phone settings and enable the screen recording feature. On most Android devices, this can be found in the Quick Settings menu.
  2. Open WhatsApp: Launch the WhatsApp application and navigate to the contact or group for the call you want to record.
  3. Start Screen Recording: Initiate the screen recording function on your device. This will capture both the video and audio of the call.
  4. End the Call and Save Recording: Once the call is completed, stop the screen recording. The recorded file is usually saved in your device’s gallery or a designated folder.

iPhone Users: Utilizing Screen Recording

iPhone users can also leverage the built-in screen recording feature to capture WhatsApp calls effortlessly. Follow these steps:

  1. Access Control Center: Swipe up or down (depending on your iPhone model) to access the Control Center.
  2. Start Screen Recording: Tap the screen recording icon to commence the recording. Ensure the microphone audio is also enabled to capture the call’s audio.
  3. Initiate WhatsApp Call: Open WhatsApp and make or receive the call you wish to record. The screen recording will capture both the visual and auditory aspects.
  4. Stop and Save Recording: Once the call concludes, stop the screen recording. The recorded file will be saved to your Photos app.

Third-Party Apps for Advanced Features

While the native screen recording options are sufficient for many users, those seeking additional features may turn to third-party apps. Several apps on both Android and iOS platforms cater specifically to call recording with features like cloud storage and easy sharing options.

  1. Cube Call Recorder (Android): Known for its reliability, Cube Call Recorder seamlessly records WhatsApp calls and provides convenient options for managing and sharing recordings.
  2. TapeACall (iOS): For iPhone users, TapeACall is a go-to choice, offering crystal-clear recordings and a user-friendly interface.

Remember, when opting for third-party apps, always check reviews and ensure the app complies with local laws regarding call recording.

Tips for Optimal Recording Quality

Regardless of the method chosen, consider the following tips for achieving optimal recording quality:

  • Stable Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is paramount for clear audio quality during WhatsApp calls.
  • Sufficient Storage Space: Ensure your device has ample storage space to accommodate the recorded files.
  • Test Recording Settings: Before recording an important call, conduct a test recording to familiarize yourself with the process and settings. Remember to keep your microphone settings turned On.


Recording WhatsApp calls can be a valuable tool for preserving important conversations. Whether using the built-in features of your device or opting for third-party apps, understanding the legalities and following our detailed guide ensures you can record WhatsApp calls effectively and efficiently.

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