Education Fee Planning

Making sure that your child has the best university education possible is a top priority for most parents. But providing your children with the best start in life becomes much easier with a carefully prepared plan.

Tuition fees, accommodation, living costs, books and other expenses can easily push the cost of university into tens of thousands of Pounds each year. Considering qualifications can take between three and seven years to complete, this can come as a shock.

With a little foresight you can allow yourself enough time to provide for this in part, or in full, depending on your objectives and available resources. Affordability is often the main question posed by parents and it’s one that can be answered by a frank discussion with a qualified and experienced financial adviser.

The benefits of arranging education fee planning through PWS Group include:

  • Our advisers have a detailed knowledge of the factors involved in education fee planning, including the costs for all levels of education in a range of countries
  • We can advise on the most tax efficient structures for your savings and investments
  • Access to leading wealth management companies in the City of London and offshore in Jersey

For further information education fee planning, please contact us.