Like many companies, PWS Group believes in the importance of giving back and of contributing in meaningful ways to help the less advantaged in our society.

As many companies find, however, unless goals of this kind have an active champion within their organisation, they can easily be de-prioritised in the cut and thrust of day to day business.

The best intentions on social responsibility all too often end up amounting to nothing more than an admirable, but rather uninvolving, company cheque written out to a worthy cause.

Our social action leader

PWS Group is fortunate to have a guiding light on active involvement in worthwhile social action in our Senior Private Client Adviser, Jonathan Field.

Along with his wife, Suzanne, and the Australian based Christian charity ACC International Relief (ACCI), Jonathan has been involved for a number of years in raising funds for The Help Kids Centre, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The organisation and their cause

“ACCI Relief is the Aid and Development arm of the Australian Christian Churches movement”, Jonathan explains. Its aim is “to transform communities and nations, one life at a time, through sustainable solutions designed to combat injustice and poverty”.”

The Help Kids Centre is in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Centre provides education programs for under privileged children with the aim of giving each child the opportunity to learn and grow. The Centre also strives to care for and educate each child’s family as a whole.

The children who are a part of the Centre are from very tough and rough areas and are exposed to much danger both physically and emotionally.

All the children are looked at by a doctor and a dentist once a year for a check up. Parents are encouraged to take their children to their local government clinic for regular check ups and immunisations, and when a child is sick and unable to get proper medical care, the Centre helps by taking them to its local doctor.

Most of the children are emotionally troubled, and the Centre offers them a safe environment in which to learn and to freely express how they feel.

How the PWS team donated shoes to children at The Help Kids Centre

Earlier in 2017, with Jonathan’s motivation and encouragement, our entire team was invited to contribute at a personal level to a project to supply new shoes to all of the children at the Help Kids Centre home and school, as well as to a large group of disabled children in the surrounding community.

“Many of the children living at the home have been orphaned following the civil war in the country”, Jonathan explains. “Others have been subject to abuse and subsequently rescued. With the generosity and involvement of our team at PWS, we’ve been able to finance an incredible 200 pairs of high quality, specially designed shoes that grow with the children, meaning they have comfortable footwear for years to come. Meeting these children, and the people working with them and being able to hand out new shoes provided by my PWS colleagues was both humbling and an immense privilege, for which I’m grateful beyond words.”

Find out more about The Help Kids Centre

You can find out more about the work of The Help Kids Centre at

Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to Jonathan about the project, or about making a donation of your own to support the Centre’s work, please email him at

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