PWS had the distinct pleasure of co-hosting a very special evening with boxing legend Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton at the Hilton Hotel in West Bay Doha last week. 260 individuals attended the exclusive event where Ricky began the evening by giving an extremely personal and candid talk about the peaks and troughs of his illustrious boxing career. The remainder of the evening consisted of a delicious dinner and a very open and honest question and answer session. The evening was brought to a close with an auction consisting of a mix of incredible sports memorabilia. Being the absolute gentleman that he is, Ricky was more than happy to have his picture taken with absolutely anyone who asked prior, during and well after the event had concluded.

Nabeel Ashraf, PWS’ Regional Managing Partner in Qatar, had this to say about the event:

‘Ricky is an incredible individual that hosted a fantastic evening. I would like to thank everyone that attended in making this evening so memorable. For myself and PWS it was a way of giving back to our clients as we feel that this is something that is easily overlooked within our industry. At PWS we want to make the expatriate community aware of our local and global presence and I feel that this event was a perfect way of introducing the PWS brand and our services to individuals who may not have been familiar with us. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction in knowing that PWS is an organisation that is not only intent on continually growing and innovating but an organisation that also wants to remember, thank and reward the clients that have allowed PWS to become the organisation it is today’

PWS will be co-hosting a number of these events across the GCC every 6-8 weeks and we would be thrilled if you could join us next time.