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Marlon Bruges Testimonial

I am happy to provide a reference for Prestige Wealth Solutions and Marlon Bruges in particular. I had contemplated moving and consolidating my UK pensions into a QROPS for a while but felt that the advisors who had approached me here in Dubai for one reason or another did not gain my confidence and I did not… Read more »

Paul Garwell

I am happy to offer this unsolicited letter of recommendation of both Prestige Wealth Solutions and specifically Mr Marlon Bruges.   As an individual with 30+ years invested in my deferred company pension with BAE Systems, I was very nervous initially with respect to the transfer of my pension into a QROPS. Having little knowledge of… Read more »

Mike Earles

I am pleased to offer you this unsolicited letter of recommendation for both Prestige Wealth Solutions in general and Mr. Marlon Bruges in particular. As an older person I was particularly cautious at the outset of our discussions but by personal visits to meet me in Kuwait and his exemplary patience Mr. Burges won my confidence and my business. The whole… Read more »

Michael Shaw

I am pleased to offer you this unsolicited letter of recommendation for both Prestige Wealth Solutions and Mr Marlon Bruges in particular.When I was first approached by Mr Bruges I was quite wary as to what wouldhappen in regards to my pensions. The whole subject of QROPS was unknown to me at this point, but after… Read more »