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  Please meet our financial advisor of the month for December, Senior Adviser Debbie Younie. Debbie’s financial services career has spanned more than two decades in the UK and the Middle East, with a client total that reaches thousands. UK-qualified and the only female adviser to work for PWS, Debbie is an expert in expat… Read more »

Stephanie Pang

Debbie Younie is a highly professional individual who is focused on looking for the best products to suit her clients requirements, she is passionate about her job but most of all helping people. Her attitude as an advisor is refreshing, she is approachable, honest and trustworthy, and most importantly she has the ability to make… Read more »

Bernice Reid

I was given Debbie Younie’s contact details from my in-laws through a friend of theirs, I was told she could help me with my situation here in the UAE. I was very skeptical as I had recently lost my husband and a so called friend here advised me on how to invest the cash I… Read more »

Ali Reza

I met Debbie Younie through a friend during a lunch break. At that point I did not know her profession. I got to know her as lovely and considerate lady. Later when I started to think about saving plans, pension and life insurance our mutual friend recommended me to Debbie Younie. I spontaneously decided to… Read more »