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Grahame Gibbs

PWS and especially Bilal Mughal have been a massive help in securing my pensions from the UK and into a QROP’s I found it a rather nerve racking experience moving my hard earned money from the UK but Bilal explained the process very clearly and took me through it step by step, and to date… Read more »

Steve Fields

Bilal Mughal is extremely professional in his dealings with my finances and has also surpassed my expectations of managing my financial portfolio. he is very knowledgable in his field and puts the information across in terms that can be understood at different levels. A pleasure to do business with and look forward to investing further… Read more »

Peter Moore

My wife and I have been in Dubai since 2006 having worked in the UK as teachers. Following advice we decide to take our pensions off-shore with the funds now based in the Isle of Man. Each of us has our money invested separately although both under IOMA’s trusteeship. This was a smooth process with… Read more »