Financial Planning

Family Protection

The foundation of any financial plan should always be protection. There is no social security in the Middle East and welfare in South Africa isn’t for expats... more

Retirement Planning

The closer we get to retirement, the more we think about it. But the sooner we start preparing, the better our prospects in retirement will be... more


Sums of capital can be accumulated in many ways – inheritance, sale of assets, build-up of surplus income or a combination of these... more

Education Fee Planning

Providing your child with the best start in life becomes much easier with a carefully prepared plan. From the day your child is born you have just eighteen years... more

Pension Transfers

Transferring your personal pensions and salary related schemes into a UK SIPP or offshore QROPS will usually give you a host of benefits. These include a much wider range... more

Estate & Succession Planning

Many people fail to consider the consequences of estate tax and what they can do to minimise it. Originally introduced to tax the wealthy... more

Business Protection

The major asset of any business is its people. Just as in our personal lives, the unexpected in our corporate lives is best planned for today – which is why PWS offers comprehensive protection for your company... more