Please meet our financial advisor of the month for December, Senior Adviser Debbie Younie. Debbie’s financial services career has spanned more than two decades in the UK and the Middle East, with a client total that reaches thousands.

UK-qualified and the only female adviser to work for PWS, Debbie is an expert in expat financial management and has been with the PWS team since 2013. Debbie thrives on meeting with a wide variety of people at differing stages of life, and providing bespoke solutions for their individual goals and requirements.

Since moving to the Middle East, many of Debbie’s clients have become and have remained close acquaintances. Debbie has extensive experience in working with some of Britain’s most high net worth customers at one of the largest banks in the UK. From high net worth to junior savings, Debbie has dealt with all sorts of clients throughout her career.

Debbie Is unassuming in her approach to giving advice – she believes in treating every meeting with an open mind and with no pre-conceptions. From having four children of her own and helping to set up and run her husband’s business, Debbie’s family and life experience is invaluable to her in being able to give well-qualified advice to her clients.

Debbie’s expertise ranges from portfolio investment management, asset management, retirement planning, personal and family protection, all the way through to UK pension transfers.

If you would like to talk to Debbie about any aspects of wealth management, then please email or visit her Linkedin profile

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