Antony Anderton has talked to me for an hour or two, in an arranged consultation about personal finance. I found the discussion, as I think many other other British nationals living and working away from the UK would also have found it, not only most helpful but also extremely, even unexpectedly, interesting.

It seemed clear that Mr Anderton has a great deal of specialist financial and practical knowledge and experience, of rules, opportunities and potential pitfalls, relating to personal savings, pension planning and taxation, both in UK.
I understand that Antony Anderton has kept up to date with UK regulations by passing the same exams as he would have needed to pass before he could advise clients living in UK.

I was impressed with what he told me, with the way he explained it, and with Mr Anderton’s approach, about which my firm impression was that, in the advice he offers, his clients’ interests do not come first, they are the only ones he considers.

I have no hesitation in recommending Antony Anderton.


Capita Property & Infrastructure Consultants L.L.C – Director of Expert Advisory & Expert Witness Services