In 2014 we decided to completely review our investment strategy in preparation for a return to the United Kingdom and therefore exposure once again to taxation.
We approached and were approached by several financial services companies many wanting to charge large amounts for their advice.
Our meeting with Antony Anderton stood out from the rest, it was open honest and most of all he listened and understood what we were trying to achieve. We were not shown the standard stock of in-house products on which the Adviser was getting the most commission but were provided with a solution that met our needs. We were even able to include some the existing investments within a tax efficient wealth bond enhancing our tax position. Antony Anderton even set up for us to meet with the Old Mutual Tax experts who provided with one of the clearest explanations of a product and its tax efficiencies that we had ever seen.
We have paid no consultancy fees and were even able to negotiate down some fees on individual funds. The fees we did pay have so far all been absorbed through growth of the monies invested.
We have been very pleased with the investments that we have made and the regular advice that we receive.
I would be happy to recommend the services that both Antony and the Prestige Wealth Solutions provide. They really are a breath of fresh air when taken against some of the other sharks there are in the market!

Guy Epsom – Tourism Cultural Authority Abu Dhabi