Af is a true asset to PWS, ensures that things run smoothly in the company. He does this exceedingly well, a problem solver who always has an effective solution. Af has excellent management skills and able to apply different management styles to each individual bringing the best out of his team, helping us achieve our work and personal goals.
Managing a huge team, he always has time to sit with everyone, give advice or offer help and special attention. Af is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, highly motivated and a hard working individual who leads us by example and he also has a proven track record hence why he is well recognized and respected in our industry. He gives nothing less the 110% to his clients and employees. Its because of people like him we are able to be competitive and best at what we do. His presence and energy rubs of on others in a way that creates an environment of happy and satisfied successful employees. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Af and I am happy to recommend Af.

Biljana Kovacevic