I was given Debbie Younie’s contact details from my in-laws through a friend of theirs, I was told she could help me with my situation here in the UAE.

I was very skeptical as I had recently lost my husband and a so called friend here advised me on how to invest the cash I had received from my husbands company as death in service benefit. This person owned a financial advisory company (Synergy finance) and as he was a supposed friend I trusted him. Needless to say he put my cash into something that was already in trouble, he also took out a life policy which he filled in and told numerous lies about my past health history.

When I met Debbie Younie she seemed to be honest and trustworthy, she advised my on my bad investment and then went totally out of her way to help me with another major problem I had with a mortgage.

She has been a pillar of strength for me since I met her, not only financially but also emotionally, she has become a dear trusted friend.

Debbie… like I said to you before … you are like an angel sent from heaven to help me.

Bernice Reid
Facility Manager, Wonder Lead Facility Management