My wife and I have been in Dubai since 2006 having worked in the UK as teachers. Following advice we decide to take our pensions off-shore with the funds now based in the Isle of Man. Each of us has our money invested separately although both under IOMA’s trusteeship.

This was a smooth process with funds making good returns in the time that the money has been invested. We drew down a tax free lump sum about two years ago, which we have invested in an apartment in Dubai. We live in the property so have not been affected by rent increases and have seen the property increase in value at a much faster rate than our home in the UK.

Bilal Mughal has recommended investments to us which have performed well and we have been happy with the advice and service that he has provided.

We intend to go back to the UK in about three years so will look to our investments generating sufficient funds to cover our retirement needs. Overall taking our pension funds off-shore was the right decision for us.

Peter Moore
Sales Director