WeCare has been chosen as the new corporate charity of PWS. This new partnership will see the PWS team take part in various fund raising initiatives throughout the coming year.

WeCare was established in December 2012 by Jonathan Field, PWS Senior Adviser, and five friends. Its aim is to grow into a global charity undertaking local projects internationally. The inaugural project is to provide a new home and education centre for Mama Rose and her team at Victorious Joy.

An inspiration – Mama Rose

Mama Rose’s story is an inspiration to us all. She was once herself an orphan and it’s largely thanks to those in her community that she survived childhood to become the person so many children depend upon today.

These children – 57 and counting – range between new born and adulthood. They may have been rescued from exploitation on neighbouring coffee farms, found abandoned or abused, or have lost their parents prematurely.

Regardless of how they got there, each child agrees that they are blessed to have Mama Rose looking after them. Not only does she provide food for them but also a roof over their heads.

And this is where PWS wants to help.

A larger vision

The current home consists of a two bedroom bungalow in a semi-slum area called Kahawa, half an hour’s drive from Nairobi city centre. The girls live inside, while the boys live in a sturdily built shed in the garden. They sleep on bunk beds stacked three high, often two to a bed. The kitchen consists of a fire and a pot and their diet is made up of red rice, porridge and a small amount of fresh vegetables. Meat is a rarity and cooked on special occasions or as and when available.

The larger vision for Victorious Joy is to provide enough land to build a spacious orphanage and separate school with its own playing field. Ideally, there should also be enough land set aside for a smallholding consisting of crops and livestock. This could then be used to sustain the children and hopefully produce surplus for sale at market.

However, until such time as these resources are available, the plan is to build an interim home on a small patch of land which has already been donated to Mama Rose. This will significantly improve their current living arrangements and allow each child to have their own bed and be grouped together according to sex and age.

WeCare – the ideal benefactor

Craig McConnon, Managing Director of PWS, explains why WeCare and Victorious Joy were chosen as PWS charity partners:

“We were looking for a suitable humanitarian cause to support corporately and, following a careful selection process, WeCare was chosen.

“Not only is WeCare the charity founded by one of our Senior Advisers, Jonathan Field, but I’m a great believer in giving back to society – and what better cause is there than children in need of daily food, a home to live in and an education?” Craig said.

To find out more about WeCare and to donate towards Victorious Joy, please visit www.wecaregeneration.org.